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Who We Are

Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh is an all-star cheerleading and tumbling gym located in Cranberry, Pennsylvania just north of downtown Pittsburgh. We strive to be a close-knit and supportive program that includes parents, athletes and coaches working together toward a common goal. Our goal is not only to be a very competitive program, but also a program others respect because of our commitment to excellence, sportsmanship and championship spirit. Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh will continue to be the program others emulate due to our high standards and competitiveness.


If you are interested in joining one of our competitive cheerleading teams, please call of office manager Jan at 412-443-0179 to set up a tryout.


If you are interested in enrolling in our tumbling classes, please contacat our tumbling director Coach Dana at dana@rockstarcheerpittsburgh.com to schedule your first class. More information on our tumbling program can be found under the 'Cranberry Gym' tab on the 'Tumbling Class' page.

Tumbling Classes




$40 ANNUAL REGISTRATION, $59 PER MONTH. Each additional class is an extra $25. For Example, if an athlete wants to take two classes per week, you would pay $84 per month. Checks made payable to PSS. 


Below is the tumbling schedule. Do not hesitate to contact our tumbling director Coach Dana at dana@rockstarcheerpittsburgh.com for more information on which session to attend. For your first class, please bring a signed registration form. Coach Dana will evaluate your skills and place you in a different session if necessary.



Level 1 Tumbling

In level 1 tumbling we will work on fundamental skills necessary for moving to the next level of cheerleading. Student must master handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, body positions, flexibility and strength. This class is for athletes who need to learn a round-off, front walkover, and back walkover.


Standing and Running Handspring

Athletes must have a round-off and a back walkover in order to participate in this class. We will focus on punching the floor with locked knees and ankles, and doing drills that enforce the back handspirng position. we will also develop the speed and timing and confidence it takes to learn the standing back handspring, and the roundoff backhandspring connection.


Series and Tucks

This class is for the athlete who has mastered their standing back handspring, running round-off back handspring and multiple back handsprings on spring floor. Athletes will work on mastering their round-off back handspring back tuck, and begin learning how to do a layout.



Athletes must have specialty tumbling pass with a tuck before entering this class. First we will work on mastering the hollow body layout position. After a layout has been mastered we are working on incorporating that position in twisting skills. Skills covered include back layouts, Half twist, full twisting layout, front tuck step out, whips, and standing tucks.


Solid Level 5

Elite Tumbling is for athletes who have already mastered advanced tumbling skills including the full twisting layout. the focus in this class is on advanced series bounding, twisting/ step-out connections, front twisting, standing fulls, double fulls & specialty skills.


Jump / Stretch / Condition

This class is open to any athlete of any age and will benefit everyone. The class will be 20 minutes of jumping, 20 minutes of stretching, and 20 minutes of conditioning. Goals of the class will be to elevate and strengthen jumps, improve flexibility, and increase strength and cardio through conditioning. Athletes will be taught proper technique and exercises that can be done outside the gym to improve skills. 



5-6 Level 1

5-6 Tiny Tumbling

5-6 Standing and running back handsprings/specialties

6-7 Series to tuck/tucks class/specialties

7-8 Layout/Half/Full

8-9 Solid Level 5



5-6 Level 1

5-6 Tiny Tumbling

7-8 Handspring

7-8 Series to tuck/tucks class

8-9 Solid Level 5



7-8 Series to tuck/tucks class

8-9 Layout/Half/Full



7-8 Series to tuck/tucks class/specialties

8-9 Solid level 5 standing tumbling and specialties


Friday (OPEN GYM $10.00 extra) 

OPEN GYM 5-6:30 Levels 1-3 

OPEN GYM 6:30-8 Levels 4-5 



10-11 Level 1-2 routine tumbling

11-12 Level 3-4 routine tumbling

12-1   Level 5 routine tumbling

Need a camp for your program?

 Looking for choreography or a tumbling clinic for your cheerleading program? We at Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh will fit your needs with our reasonably priced camps held at our Cranberry facility or at a location of your choice. Contact the gym for more info.



Follow our senior level 5 team, Supermodels, throughout their past seasons through videos showcasing their practices and competitions.



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