All are welcome to register for tumbling classes! There is a spot for everyone, beginner to advanced!


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Below is the tumbling schedule. Do not hesitate to contact our tumbling director Dana at for more information on which session to attend. Please sign up on our iClass Pro website for the class you would like to attend. For your first class, please bring a signed registration form. A coach will evaluate your skills and place you in a different session if necessary.



Must bring signed registration form if you are not a current Superstar registered athlete.




Tiny Tumbling (Ages 3-4)

In tiny tumbling we will work on basic body positions necessary for moving to the next level of cheerleading. Student must master basic body positions, forward and backward rolls, back bends, flexibility and strength. This class is for athletes who are young and new to tumbling.


Level 1 Tumbling

In level 1 tumbling we will work on fundamental skills necessary for moving to the next level of cheerleading. Student must master handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, body positions, flexibility and strength. This class is for athletes who need to learn a round-off, front walkover, and back walkover.


Level 2 Tumbling

Athletes must have a round-off and a back walkover in order to participate in this class. We will focus on punching the floor with locked knees and ankles, and doing drills that enforce the back handspirng position. we will also develop the speed and timing and confidence it takes to learn the standing back handspring, and the roundoff backhandspring connection.


Level 3 Tumbling

This class is for the athlete who has mastered their standing back handspring, running round-off back handspring and multiple back handsprings on spring floor. Athletes will work on mastering their round-off back handspring back tuck, and begin learning how to do a layout.


Level 4 Tumbling

Athletes must have specialty tumbling pass with a tuck before entering this class. First we will work on mastering the hollow body layout position. After a layout has been mastered we are working on incorporating that position in twisting skills. Skills covered include back layouts, Half twist, full twisting layout, front tuck step out, whips, and standing tucks.


Level 5 Tumbling

Elite Tumbling is for athletes who have already mastered advanced tumbling skills including the full twisting layout. the focus in this class is on advanced series bounding, twisting/ step-out connections, front twisting, standing fulls, double fulls & specialty skills.


Stretching and Conditioning Classes

These classes are open to any athletes of any age and will benefit everyone. The classes will be 30 minutes. Goals of the conditioning class will be to improve flexibility and increase strength and cardio through conditioning. Athletes will be taught proper technique and exercises that can be done outside the gym to improve skills. Goals of the stretching class will be to improve flexibility used in jumps and  body positions such as a heel stretch, scorpion, arabesque, scale and bow and arrow. This class is mainly for flyers, but will benefit anyone.


Below is the summer schedule which starts Tuesday, May 29th. 


Tiny                4:30PM-5:15PM

Level 1           11AM - 12PM


Level 2           10AM - 11AM


Level 3            6PM-7PM

Level 4           12PM-1:30PM

                        7PM - 8:30PM

Level 5            12PM-1:30PM

                        7PM - 8:30PM

Stretching       11AM-11:30AM

Conditioning    11:30PM-12PM




Tiny                    9:15AM-10AM


Level 1               6:45PM-7:45PM

Level 2              12:30PM-1:30


Level 3              10AM-11AM

Level 4              11AM-12:30PM


Level 5              11AM-12:30PM


Conditioning      12:30PM-1PM



Level 1            10AM - 11AM

Level 2            11AM - 12PM

Level 3            12PM - 1PM           




Tiny                  9:15AM-10AM


Level 1            10AM - 11AM


Level 2            10AM-11AM


Level 3            11AM-12PM


Level 4            12PM-1:30PM


Level 5            12PM-1:30PM


Stretching        11AM-11:30AM

Conditioning     11:30AM-12PM


Friday (OPEN GYM $10.00 extra) 

OPEN GYM 6PM-8PM All Levels!


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